My platform is simple: I want to support students and their families, and I want to support the staff members who help those students grow, learn, and achieve. Below are my views on three of the many areas in education that I believe are important.
Special Education

Over the past several years I have had the opportunity to learn about the good work being done in special education throughout the Roseville Area Schools district.  I want to make sure that work continues and is even better supported.


Students today have more needs, and as a district we need to make sure we are prepared to support the students and their families who need special education and related resources in order for them to be successful.  The value special education provides for our students who have those needs is essential to our entire community. Special education:

  • provides individualized or small group interventions at the instructional level of the child.

  • offers a continuum of services supporting all unique learners ranging from occupational therapy to social skills instruction in a variety of settings such as push-in or co-teaching to center-based programs serving students with specific disabilities.

  • covers a myriad of disability areas. Our district is able to support all areas at most sites or through contracted services.

  • includes Individual Education Programs (IEPs) that are completed  for each child with input from many stakeholders including the student family.

These are just a few examples of why special education is so important and needs to continue to be a priority in our district.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Our district is now more than 50 percent non-White.  I think it is important that we continue to develop plans to increase the number of staff – inside and outside the classroom – who look like our students. It is important that these positions are not only the positions that work directly with students of color or from marginalized identities. As a whole, the staff of our schools and the district, in general, should be representative of all communities and identities.  

Our students and families should see people who look like them in roles ranging from teacher and administrator to support staff.  As our students go through our schools and graduate, we need them to be successful in working and developing meaningful relationships with people who look like them, as well as with people who do not look like them or have the same identities. Our world is ever-changing, and having competency in the areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion is necessary for our students' success. 


I am aware of the challenges associated with hiring staff of color and believe we need to be creative in thinking of ways to develop pathways to get prospective candidates interested in our positions as we compete with neighboring districts. We need to develop plans and initiatives that set us apart and make our district a destination for staff of color. We also need to provide mentoring and support so we are able to retain them in our district.  

As our community continues to change and I think I can be a voice that represents many aspects of our community

Fiscal Responsibility

Fiscal responsibility is the key to any organization's success. This year there is an operating levy on the November ballot that is critical to the success of our district. I am very hopeful the levy will be approved. If we are successful, our voters will entrust the board and district administration with managing and allocating funds to accomplish the district's priorities.


If I am on the board I will utilize the expertise I have gained in my roles at the University of Minnesota where I have worked with large and complex budgets. I believe a good board works in conjunction with the district administration to implement the initiatives and keep the stakeholders informed of progress and any related issues. 


I am not sure there is a better financial investment than investing in our students. I believe in a circular model.